Vista Del Mar:  Frequently Asked Questions

Q May I bring my pet?
A Unfortunately, no. No pets are ever allowed inside (or outside) our home.

Q May I smoke inside the home?
A No. Nor may you smoke outside the home. Vista Del Mar is strictly a non-smoking zone. In fact, smoking is prohibited in all common areas of The Sea Ranch community.

Q May I wear shoes in your home?
A In a word, no. All shoes must be left outside the door(s).

Q Is your home professionally cleaned between guests?
A Of course! In addition, please be assured our enhanced cleaning and sanitizing processes adhere to all current CDC guidelines.

Q Are towels and linens included?
A Yes! Fresh white linens and bath towels are provided at no extra charge.

Q Is daily housekeeping included?
A Your stay does not include housekeeping service, but it is available (for an additional fee) if pre-arranged prior to check-in.

Q Is high-speed internet available?
A Yes! Our home is subscribed to the Sea Ranch Connect network providing guests with internet download and upload speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

Q Is there a hot tub?
A There sure is…and you can relax knowing it’s professionally cleaned between guests.

Q Are there parking restrictions throughout The Sea Ranch?
A Yes. The Sea Ranch community is private property, and vehicles may only park where designated. Also, no motor homes, trailers or boats may be parked at our home at any time.

Q Will I need vehicle passes?
A Yes. Two vehicle passes are provided at check-in, which allow you to park at The Sea Ranch’s recreational centers and along clearly-designated roads.

Q Does it cost extra to use the recreation centers?
A No. With valid guest passes, as many as six visitors may register for access to The Sea Ranch recreation centers at one time. You receive your guest passes at check-in.

Q How many people am I allowed to bring?
A The maximum number of people in the house—or anywhere on our property--at any time is limited to eight (8) individuals, including but not limited to guest(s), children and other family members and/or visitors. This maximum occupancy may not be exceeded at any time--or for any reason--during the length of your stay.

Q Are there restrictions regarding noise levels?
A Yes. From 9 pm to 7 am (7 days a week), The Sea Ranch strictly enforces their Nuisance and Enforcement Rule. These noise limitations are taken very seriously and violations can—and will—result in monetary fines; multiple penalties can stack up in a single 24-hour period when the initial violation continues uncorrected.

Q Are there security devices on the property?
A Please be aware that the outside front entrance to Vista Del Mar is equipped with motion-activated video cameras (with remote video monitoring).

Q May I bring my kids under age 10?
A Please contact us (via our website at OurSeaRanchHome) so we can discuss your family’s particular situation.