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The Sea Ranch , California , United States


The Sea Ranch is a unique coastal community, explicitly planned to harmonize with the natural setting and the building traditions of this region. Our first recorded visitors – the Pomo Indians –lived over the first ridge to the east and made seasonal treks to the coast to gather kelp, seaweed and shellfish. Today’s visitors come here to experience our beautiful ocean, seasonal foliage and wildlife. Whether you’re into golf, hiking, swimming, biking or just leisurely strolling through town and stopping for a bite to eat, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Getting Around:

If you’ve never been to The Sea Ranch before, we have a variety of recommendations on restaurants, wineries, fun things to do, etc, so don’t hesitate to ask us! You’ll also find helpful local info on our Facebook Page in addition to the welcome binder you receive at check in.


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